Tips for entrepreneurs ..Protecting your body(back, eyes) while you are working hard…

Am an entrepreneur with so much work. Spine, hands, eyes become stressed with a lot of sitting and typing.
Here is how I manage:
1) I stand when I eat.
2) Use white board so that I can stand and think, than stare, type at my mac book air all the time. Invest in a better laptop ( it has increased my productivity, reduced strain)
3) Do yoga every day before I start my day for 15 -20 mins– good yoga will help you connect with your body which has it’s own intelligence and when body is well connected with our mind ( for most of us our mind dictates body which is wrong) , the body machine can cope well and perform well , collaborate with the mind to produce great results – body, mind and spirit , basically satisfaction , happiness , zero mental tension, joy of being awake in life basically.
4) Do gym 3 to 4 times a week.
5) Take walk after dinner /lunch a bit
6) Invest in nice sofa
7) Spend time with pleasant people, kids, laugh hard when you get a chance.
8) Sleep with better posture
9) Have better fresh air, ventilation in living area.
10) Take phone calls standing.


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