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Who is a visionary ?….here is an example.

Watch this carefully; lots of insights. Also the witty host worth listening to. Advertisements

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Power of perspectives…a sample, from Carl Sagan

A good perspective  helps us see things. When we accumulate  new and effective perspectives, we become smarter. A good perspective increases our understanding and hence increases our intelligence and ability to do better.   It gives us insight that will give … Continue reading

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Are you solving the right problem ?

Optimists will find or create a way as to how something can work. Pessimists will find million reasons and ways why some thing won’t work. These two sets of people are basically solving ‘different ‘  problems , though it appears … Continue reading

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An entrepreneur’s main job is to make impossible things happen

How? (some tips below, out of my own experience ) Be authentic in your pursuit. Authenticity wins. Respect people. Say what you do and do what you say. And this will give you unbeatable advantage in a world where smarty-pants … Continue reading

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