An entrepreneur’s main job is to make impossible things happen

How? (some tips below, out of my own experience )

Be authentic in your pursuit. Authenticity wins.
Respect people. Say what you do and do what you say. And this will give you unbeatable advantage in a world where smarty-pants cutting corners are dime a dozen.

Work smart as well as hard.
Take a break. Refresh your body, mind and spirit.
Live this everyday!

Humility never hurts. Keep the ego in the back pocket or a secure cloud storage, away from you.

Give your all; live every day as your last. If you are to die tomorrow, this is what you should be doing.

A  ‘No’  should motivate you to prove them wrong.
Be prepared to be wrong. When you realize you are wrong,  you die emotionally and  you get a new perspective,  to emerge stronger.  People don’t realize , but this is the greatest  gift of life.
Richness of our perspectives is what will make us smarter.

Once you pull off impossible things, you will become a star and people will fall in line.
Resistance will fade away and you can be better than Steve Jobs…

You just need to keep doing the impossible.

Be a light unto your self…and to the world.
Build the future.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!


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