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Digital privacy is a fundamental right of every human being…

Facebook’s CEO thinks: ” digital privacy is passe, live with it “. There are many signifiant and power people – with billions of money obtained through public – who think this way. The way big companies such as Facebook, Google, … Continue reading

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entrepreneurship lesson of this steps

While it is important to have a broad enough scope for the long run, it is equally  and critically important  to narrow the scope down  to one use case or very few  use cases in the short run. Narrowing the … Continue reading

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Limitation of Aristotelian thought style in life…

” How can you find the house you want to build logic of deduction or induction ? ” Asked Edwardo De bono. You need to ‘design’ your new house as per the requirement and wish; you can’t find it … Continue reading

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On strategy and focus…

Strategy is a lot about what NOT to do. Focus is about what to do. Like a quarreling couple in love, they complement each other, giving birth to success.     Let me know if you agree or not.

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Skill to collaborate with others is most important for success

If there is one attribute that I look for in people in my life ( personal or professional or both), it is the ability to collaborate with others. which means to be able to combine the strengths of others and … Continue reading

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