Skill to collaborate with others is most important for success

If there is one attribute that I look for in people

in my life ( personal or professional or both),

it is

the ability to collaborate with others.

which means

to be able to combine the strengths of others and apply to solve problems and build things

which implies,
we must be able to FOCUS ON what to draw from others and create a win-win relationship and not be lost in what is not working or won’t work.

Sometimes we may be better skilled than others in something. If we don’t find other strengths in others in a context, we should let others contribute in this area with this skill and we move to bring in others things on board.
In principle, this is same as the classic economic theory of comparative advantage of nations.

Skill to collaborate with others enables excellent team work, which brings in , not only productivity but also happiness to all involved.

I see many really talented people ( engineers, MBAs, specialists, generalists ) refusing to collaborate and thus limiting their own possibilities.

From countless examples I have seen in my own life experience, the folks who did not learn the skill to collaborate, however bright they were, have fallen down in life. Those, who learned and lived this, did extremely well in life.

So, as I always try to do everyday, next time you meet or work with someone, think how best you can collaborate ; not how best you want to beat or trick them to lose a mindless game of competitive chicken.

If you really try, you will be a different person, much more effective, powerful and successful. People will like you for this and you will have much better professional and personal life.

Stop the analysis, Just do it.  Collaborate.

All the best! Write to me if this worked for you!


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