Limitation of Aristotelian thought style in life…

” How can you find the house you want to build logic of deduction or induction ? ”
Asked Edwardo De bono.

You need to ‘design’ your new house as per the requirement and wish; you can’t find it by Aristotelian style /logic of deduction or induction, on which much of western civilization is based.

While Aristotelian thought has it’s merits and correct and useful applications, it also has clear limitations.

Many of our problems are due to wrong application of this style and related tools( like statistical analysis etc )  to ALL problems.

For example, when you have conflicts in relationships, you got to stop the analysis route …and build/design a solution as a way forward through intuition, synthesis, imagination , tapping into higher intelligence that is part of our mind that is beyond thought.

Is n’t it time, we get smarter , tap into our full intelligence beyond the limited scope tools of Aristotelian thought ?

Will this realization and application of right tools for right things  not  make our lives richer, more peaceful  and the planet survive for longer ?


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