Digital privacy is a fundamental right of every human being…

Facebook’s CEO thinks: ” digital privacy is passe, live with it “.
There are many signifiant and power people – with billions of money obtained through public – who think this way.

The way big companies such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc make their money is through selling user content – content actively created by users and content that is logged by these giant systems about user activity, many a time without their knowledge – to advertisers.

The abuse of user content – by companies, hackers, governments at times and baddies in your life – is well documented.
An extreme example is here:

While in the physical world, we have clear cut , commonsense rules of what constitutes privacy; in the digital world it is not so.

And the bullies – whether companies or individuals get away.

But , why?

Should we let this happen ? and live with the helplessness?

Or fight this abuse through user awareness and by providing right kind of tools of choice for users to be able to use them, when and where they want to.

This is exactly the mission of SECURASI. To lead this fight . To help restore our fundamental right to digital privacy and security.

Sharing digital content on internet need not be at the expense of privacy.

Watch out for the revolution to unfold; coming to an internet point near you, soon!


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