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World’s Best File Encryption Software at just $100 for life time. Limited time offer. Secure(Encrypt) your Dropbox /Google Drive files on your device before they are sent to cloud. Be compliant of client confidential data and keep private files private … Continue reading

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Every start-up team must watch this timeless treasure..

Invaluable lessons on: Marketing , Ads, presentation, team motivation, story telling,  making a case for the product, identifying target  customer segments, product-market fit, future projections, credibility building, making it interesting by showing the product,  how it is built, partners, pricing … Continue reading

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Noise and signal ..

Noise is temporary; signal is forever. Be patient to generate signal; don’t settle for noise. Noise=mediocrity, me2 stuff. Signal=excellence, authenticity, originality.

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success secret..

Other than luck, failure is the only proven method to success. So embrace failure: try, fail, succeed. I guarantee, this method is unbeatable!

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Enlightenment by Eisfeld Nils It’s Monday again but don’t let that bring you down! Get inspired!

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Start up and VC funding scene in India.. fund copy/me2 models, yes ; fund originality, no.

Currently, in India, most of the angels invest in any silly e-commerce biz, but not offbeat visionary companies,  because they play only the valuation game. VCs in India have been putting their(not their, but others’/LP’s)  money in e-com, based on just … Continue reading

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On disagreements, collaboration..

This video drives home the point about 1) the importance of disagreement ( from established ) and  2) how two completely different people can collaborate to get great results. This is very relevant to startups as well. So,  embrace  those discussions … Continue reading

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