SECURASI Vault+ (a must have digital safe on your PC) certified by Softpedia as 100% clean


Our vision is: SECURASI Vault+ on every laptop (PC and Mac) in the world.

We appreciate your feedback ( ; please do try and let us know how we can improve it.

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Case for a perfect digital safe for everyone who has a computer

We live in our homes with others. We share our space.

In our homes, we keep valuables like cash, gold, jewelry etc in a safe that is hidden from most people’s gaze.

We don’t show this safe to our guests, workers and friends who visit our home.

Now, fast forward to our digital life.

Computer ( laptop , PC or mac etc) is our digital home. From time to time, other people in our life, such as family, friends or co workers /those from business access /share our personal computers.

Now , should we lay open our sensitive , personal or business related files to others?

But this is what is the default case for most of us.  We are very careless when it comes to our digital lives.

We will benefit by having a personal, secure digital safe on our computers.

This will give us the same level of security and privacy as in our physical homes.

Now, what about theft and property destruction ? In our real life, we do keep some valuables in a locker with a bank or some such place.

In case of our computers and digital valuables, fortunately, we have very good options.

We can encrypt our files with our own password and store them online.

However, for most people, this process becomes a big hassle.

This is why at SECURASI, we have created a very easy to use ( just drag/drop and click a button) digital safe that not only lets you protect and keep private your personal files but also lets you take an encrypted back up online so that you will never lose your digital valuables.

We bring state of the art technology ( AES 256/512 bit encryption , same used in banks and military and most importantly a hack-proof , leak proof encryption key management system) to the most basic privacy need of our life, a  personal digital safe.

Now, if you are a smart cookie, why would n’t you see it yourself, try it and see how this can change your life.

Do you want to trust google mail to store your sensitive docs ( where google can see and use your data or hand to over to govt) or you want to take care of this yourself with your own password that no one else can see ?

Here is the world’s best digital safe:

You can also download it from the trusted networks such as CNET and Softpedia

For windows:

For Mac:

Image SECURASI Vault+ : The perfect digital safe for your computer and digital life.

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THis is what I call Design!

Enlightenment by Eisfeld Nils

It’s Monday again but don’t let that bring you down! Get inspired!

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Start up and VC funding scene in India.. fund copy/me2 models, yes ; fund originality, no.

Currently, in India, most of the angels invest in any silly e-commerce biz, but not offbeat visionary companies,  because

they play only the valuation game. VCs in India have been putting their(not their, but others’/LP’s)  money in e-com, based on just one unproven assumption that online users will touch 500 million and external investors will continue to pour in the money.

One blind man leading crowd of blind ?

There is a lot of innovation in India; however, at present, the VC/funding system (most of them funds from US ) is not encouraging innovation but going after , safe, copycat businesses.

Many investors dream of investing early in a future google. But how many of them have the vision, guts and smarts to spot one ? Rewards are proportionate to risk.

When angel investors and VCs  use Private Equity models for valuation,  and yet want to land grab equity, you know they are going out of business in future as competition comes in.  Days are numbered for this species of money lenders.

Any monkey can copy what others are doing.  You become great , gain respect only when you do the original that the crowd misses and succeed.  Hope to see change in future in this area.

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On disagreements, collaboration..

This video drives home the point about 1) the importance of disagreement ( from established ) and  2) how two completely different people can collaborate to get great results.

This is very relevant to startups as well. So,  embrace  those discussions that may produce disagreements and also work with people with completely different skill sets and attitudes.

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Leadership is..

  • Enabling success of your team, building the right environment, right system that serves the goals of your team, that maximizes win-win opportunities for all team members.
  • Action , not a position.
  • Necessary to get people out of a bad system, old habits and inertia, to provide a new perspective through which team members can see and understand and channel their talents towards the  team/organizational goal.
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Here is the greatest entreprenuer live that you may not have heard of…

Elon Musk, perhaps better than Steve Jobs.

CBS 60 minutes:


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